Rise of International Corporate Volunteering

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International corporate volunteering has risen steadily in popularity throughout the past few years, progressing from a relatively small idea (only 31% of UK companies took part in 19921), to an initiative that has become quite ordinary within businesses today with 81% of UK companies choosing to take part in it(1). Global Pro Bono and International Corporate volunteering are two groups that fac...

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5 Reasons to Volunteer in Honduras


Volunteering is not just about one random act of kindness, it is more about finding oneself. Our volunteers, often under 18 and usually the gappers, come looking for destinations where they can not only make an impact but experience the amazing traveler’s life. Honduras fits the bill. The unspoiled beauty invites discerning travelers with its exotic charms. Why you...

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20 Things to Experience While Volunteering in India


To make a list of the things that can be done in India while volunteering is a difficult task but here we have listed top 20 things to get glimpses of real India


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Guest Post Volunteering Experience

I have been involved in 2 short term missions and 1 short term volunteer abroad program: 1 week in Tampa, FL 1 week in Haiti 1 week in India

I often get asked the same questions and offered the same advice when I share with someone my interest in short term work. I have been very surprised at the negative responses I’ve received about my interest in volunteering abroad for...

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Tips for women volunteering Abroad


Pick up any research paper or newspaper article on volunteering, you will find that women, especially in the age group between 15-35, like to travel and volunteer. Whether you are going abroad to travel to a popular tourist destination or planning to volunteer in a foreign country, you should be ready for some safety issues during the t...

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