Top 5 Ways to Volunteer in 2014

Interested in Volunteering but don’t know where to start? Cannot think of ways to serve the society. Fear not, we have shortlisted some interesting methods of helping others which will bring you immense happiness and enrich your 2014 volunteering experience.


Essential Mobile apps for Volunteer and Intern Abroad

While you are travelling abroad for a volunteer or internship program, you can not spend on costly internet pack and roaming calls and can’t even stop using the mobile phone as you are going to travel an unknown place and your mobile is the only asset which will help you in every condition. There are some mobile apps which will make your travel and stay easier and affordable in any country:-


How Sharing your Volunteering Experience Helps ?

We all have the tendency to share the experiences either good or back, its very important how we are sharing it and how others can be benefited from that. Volunteering experiences are like life time memories which always hold the special place in everyone’s heart. After returning from our internship or volunteer program we get so much occupied in our normal routine, we almost forget to share our rich experience and just by posting few pics on Facebook and writing two lines on Twitter, we think we are done, but that’s not all!


Tips for deciding Volunteering Organization

You have decided to volunteer abroad but can’t decide which place to go, what kind of program to choose, how to decide about the volunteering organisation? Feeling Stuck! These are some common questions which we all face while deciding to volunteer abroad. Some may lend up with good decisions and few may face lot of troubles, so here are some simple checks which you have to do before finalizing your Volunteering Organisation.

Group Volunteering Abroad

Benefits of Group Volunteering Abroad

Anyone who has ever been on volunteering with other people know the importance of group volunteering. It provides a sense of team work which is not only restricted to your volunteering trip but also helps you in your personal and professional life. In volunteering jobs, although there are no monetary benefits for volunteers but these trips injects a sense of responsibility in people which would stay with the individuals for the rest of their lives and that is the main reason parents these days send their young children on missionary trips not only in their own countries but abroad as well because volunteering abroad provides the volunteer with different cultures exposure.