Top 10 Things To Do In India | Infographic

Things to do in India with volsol

There is a lot more to India than snake charmers and touts, check out these quick tips on what to do in India while volunteering and make sure that you make the most of your time here. From deserts safaris, to mountain trekking, eating some good food or simply learning how to wear a saree- The country will offer you with ample opportunities to do something fun and never get bored during your stay in India.

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6 movies that depict Cultural Practices in India


Cinema is an important part of a country as it directly depicts the culture, preferences, tradition and also the ills of its society. Cinema acts as carrier of culture since it has a wide reach and a great amount of influence on its viewers. Here is a list of 6 movies that will  give a fair amount of idea about the Indian Culture and traditions to its viewers and help in understanding the people of India.

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8 Things To Do In Chiang Mai | Volunteering Solutions

8-Things-to-do-in-Chiang-Mai | volunteering Solutions

Voluntouring comes with a great deal of fun, after all, what’s better than earning some good karma while you travel ? Chiang Mai is the location where the soul of Thailand lies, It is away from the madding crowds and perfect to explore the countryside of Bangkok. The city offers a range of activities to its visitors ranging from tree-top adventure to meditation classes taken by monks at Buddhist temples. Visit t...

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11 Things Volunteers In Thailand Need To Know | Infographic

volunteer-in-thailand with volsol
The land of smiles, Thailand, is a scintillating and exotic land with a thriving tourism industry but the country has its share of challenges, too. The  wildlife, education and the health sector of the nation needs attention and upliftment. Volunteering in Thailand can be a very fu...
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Top 10 Things to do in Thailand | Volunteering Solutions

Things to do in Thailand

The land of exotic beaches, beautiful Buddhist temples and delectable cuisines, Thailand is a must visit for a travel enthusiasts and food zealots. One can indulge in adventure activities, spiritual nourishment, shopping, spa, temple hopping to Voluntouring in Thailand. Revitalize your senses and take a Keep Reading

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