Why Families Should Volunteer Abroad

family volunteer abroad

You may have gone on plenty of holidays with your family before, but have you ever thought about actually going volunteering with them? The range of travel options you can do as a family may be quite limited, and if you are tired of the usual holiday resorts, or are looking for something very much out of the ordin...

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How Has Technology Changed Volunteering?

technology has changed volunteering

In this day and age the use of technology in our lives has taken a gargantuan leap. We Google everything, we remain in touch with our near and dear ones via technology, shopping online, dating online, almost everything happens online. Naturally, technology has also had an impact on volunteering, but how? We’ll att...

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FAQs About Volunteering Abroad | Infographic

Volunteering Abroad although is  a very fulfilling and an enriching experience for the volunteers, yet it comes with its fair share of concerns, queries and doubts. One seldom finds quick answers in one a go and that too at a common platform. To cater all such queries, we have made quick list of the Frequently Asked Questions for all our volunte...
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Sundry Expressions of India

Volunteering solutions
India is diverse and beautiful. Its manifold colors, various countenances and the overwhelming unity of its soul leaves all enthralled. Take a look at India - its various moods through our eyes. (more&hel...
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Top 10 Things To Do In India | Infographic

Things to do in India with volsol

There is a lot more to India than snake charmers and touts, check out these quick tips on what to do in India while volunteering and make sure that you make the most of your time here. From deserts safaris, to mountain trekking, eating some good food or simply learning how to wear a saree- The country will offer y...

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